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Artist Placement

Get a Placement With A Company

The essence of development lies in driving ideas and making the most of your creative process. We understand the need to grow and become a better version of yourself as an artist, and this is why we design our programs to meet the needs of young artists. You can learn all you need with these programs. One of such programs is our artist placement program. 

With the artist placement, we are able to link artists with development opportunities with companies through which they can gain practical experience and contribute to real work. This not only contributes to their creative process but makes them gain hands-on experience in the field.

We tailor the artist placement program to match the needs of both the artists and the companies. The companies are in different spaces and have unique services they deliver. As such, we examine the needs of the companies and find artists that match their portfolio. A company might need a writer to help the company drive ideas while another company might need an artist for consultancy. This means that the portfolios are different and the candidates should equally be different. 

This way, we are able to link artists with relevant opportunities that will help them grow their career. This way, the artists not only gain practical experience but actually gain experience that is relevant to their area of interest. This also advances the objectives of our organisation which is to help artists grow and gain opportunities. 

This program creates an opportunity for artists to put their creativity to test, and work with supervisors that can help them shape their career. Practical opportunities are important if you are going to be an artist, because that is how you gain practical experience which will form the basis for your career moving forward. Such an experience also creates the basis for networking opportunities where artists can meet people who can offer them opportunities to grow their career and work at bigger stages. 

The artist placement program is one which serves a fundamental basis for bigger things. The artists get to spend a specific period with the company they work with, and during this period, a lot happens that make for their development and bring them a step closer to achieving their dreams.

The arrangement negotiated with the companies is one which makes things relatively convenient for the artists. During the period of the placement, the artist is entitled to be paid a certain amount for the work the artist does. This stipend will go a long way in helping the artist navigate the work-life. Also, it serves as a form of reward system for the work that the artist does. With the stipend, the artist also gets to feel like an integral part of the company, just like every other worker. 

This means you do not just learn and gain practical opportunities that can help grow your career, but you also get paid while doing that. More so, the placement is tailored in such a way that fits into your schedule. You can begin your placement after you’re done with your session if you’re still in school.