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Our Funding Partners

We work with various partners to secure funding for our programs. We organise top-class programs to meet the development needs of young artists and the community. We also host centres of excellence and creative industries through which we advance the field of research and make research more viable for development. This is crucial to ensuring that we attain the objectives of our organisation. 

All of these things require adequate funding because, without funding, ideas cannot become successful projects. As such, we have funding partners that work with us to build the country’s creativity and innovation ecosystem. This way, all the programs and ideas can become realities and impact research and young artists’ development.

We foster effective collaboration with our funding partners. This makes our funding partners of high importance to us. Our funding partners are invited to some of our programs, such as the workshop, a place where they share ideas with young minds and provide perspectives that can shape young artists’ narratives. We organise workshops through which artists can learn from the best minds in the field. We bring experts and accomplished individuals to speak with the artists and share knowledge with them. This way, the artists can gain practical insights into the world they are preparing for. 

The workshop also arms artists with strategies and the knowledge they need to navigate life effectively. If you are looking for a platform where you can gain perspectives into the creative discipline and how you can solidify your foot, our workshops are the right place for you to start. You can look out for our workshops, which we hold across different periods in the year.

Some of our other projects include:

The Research Centre

We operate a research centre which serves the need of promoting research across various areas and supporting researchers across various needs. The centre has become internationally recognised for publishing cross-disciplinary papers that range across various issues affecting Australia. This cut across law, business, media, innovation, communication, among others. With the centre, we have been able to develop new methodologies for research, thereby arming the new generation of researchers with all they need to develop world-class research projects.


We design our programs to support the growth of young artists. By doing so, we are able to help artists grow their creative process, have access to top projects, and gain practical exposure to work realities. This accounts for our artist placement program through which we offer artists. The program selects excellent young creatives and offers them work opportunities with partner companies and other companies. 

We assign creatives to companies based on the interests of the creative and the needs of the companies. This makes it a seamless process that makes for efficient results. The program offers creatives an opportunity through which they can network and gain practical experience concerning work life and real projects.

The funding we receive goes into the effective running of all these programs to ensure that young creatives keep getting opportunities.