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You can get involved with our programs by reaching out through our platform. We have several programs that we organise to help artists become a better version of themselves. If you are passionate about helping others grow, this is a project you can come on to support others’ growth. Our aim is to ensure that artists get all the support needed to build their creative process and gain practical experience that can help them navigate their career with more clarity. 

We understand the importance of artists gaining insights into how they can shape their career. This goes a long way in their journey and how the career will lift off. As such, we intend to design our programs to suit the needs of the artists. You can check out our programs to see how you feel you can get involved. We have different programs through which you can contribute to the objectives of our organisation. 


You can volunteer to help with our programs. Our volunteers are experts in volunteering services and contributing towards the growth of artists. With the help of our volunteers, we are able to deliver our services effectively and organise our programs more efficiently. This gets us closer to achieving our goals. Our volunteers have years of experience working with people, which accounts for the excellence we can deliver as an organisation. 

As a volunteer with us, you also get to learn and develop skills you can use to gain more practical opportunities. If you want to contribute positively to something impactful, our organisation is a place to start. 


You can get involved in our programs as an artist. Our programs are specifically tailored to serve the needs of artists across various disciplines. With these programs, we are able to help artists grow and gain better opportunities that can strengthen their career. We carefully examine the needs of artists and use these needs to contemplate the programs we design. This way, we are able to help the creative process of artists and help them become better in their journey towards developing a sound career. Some of our programs are as follows.


We organise workshops through which artists can learn from the best minds in the field. We bring experts and accomplished individuals to speak with the artists and share knowledge with them. This way, the artists can gain practical insights into the world they are preparing for. The workshop also arms artists with strategies and the knowledge they need to navigate life effectively.

If you are looking for a platform where you can gain perspectives into the creative discipline and how you can solidify your foot, our workshops are the right place for you to start. You can look out for our workshops, which we hold across different periods in the year.

We also offer placement opportunities for artists through which they can gain practical experience by working with companies that offer them opportunities to contribute to real work.