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Industry Partners

Collaboration For Efficiency

We partner with some of the best minds in Australia to contribute to our objectives. We work hand in hand with the leading innovation companies in Australia that are equally passionate about developing young people and their creative process. We are passionate about the growth and development of artists, and we believe for the true dreams of the artists to come through, they need all the support they can get. 

We provide relevant and adequate support for artists by leveraging our networks and programs to help strengthen these artists’ career journey. This accounts for why we are keenly concerned about shaping our programs to meet the needs of the artists.

With our partnership with leading innovation companies, we have been able to design programs that seek to boost artists’ experience by offering them collaborative opportunities to work on projects with the partners we have secured. Some of our partners are innovative companies that are ready to kickstart projects which young artists can join. 

Through this, we call for artists to get on board and join the collaboration to work on innovative projects. This will help artists gain field experience and explore their creativity. This partnership will also be an avenue for artists to put all they have learnt to work. If you are an artist and you’re passionate about getting on impressive projects, this is the right opportunity for you.

There are lots of opportunities that can come from excellent performance during the collaborative projects. The project stands to offer excellent artists placement opportunities through which they can gain practical exposure and get hands-on experience by working with some of the best minds in the field. This stands as an opportunity for artists to harness their ability and work on real projects that contribute to addressing society’s gaps. 

This makes their work relevant and will give the artists a sense of connection to the company they are working with. There are also other opportunities you can gain access to if you excel at the projects. This makes it essential to join in on the projects and perform excellently.

Our industry partners are also invited to some of our programs such as the workshop, a place where they share ideas with young minds and provide perspectives that can shape young artists’ narratives. We organise workshops through which artists can learn from the best minds in the field. We bring experts and accomplished individuals to speak with the artists and share knowledge with them. 

This way, the artists can gain practical insights into the world they are preparing for. The workshop also arms artists with strategies and the knowledge they need to navigate life effectively. If you are looking for a platform where you can gain perspectives into the creative discipline and how you can solidify your foot, our workshops are the right place for you to start. You can look out for our workshops, which we hold across different periods in the year.