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Innovation audits are crucial to an innovation company because that’s how to assess the level of innovation present in the company. There is a need to constantly examine the company’s level of innovation to ensure that the company is right on track with its objectives. Innovation is crucial to the development of an organisation if the organisation must remain relevant in the industry.

This makes it important that an organisation prioritises innovation, and continues to drive ideas through which it will enhance its programs and activities. It is through innovation that new things emerge in an organisation or company. With new ideas and implementation, the organisation continues to remain appealing to its target audience.

The concept of innovation audit arose from innovation management and experts who felt the need to examine innovation in an organisation. By doing so, an organisation knows where it has been able to make effective inputs and where it requires to put in more effort if it continues to remain relevant and serve the needs of its target. 

With the innovation audit, we can understand the system of innovation in the establishment and whether it is appropriate for attaining the objectives of the organisation. There is a notion that innovation is ingrained in the working, operations, and interactions among people in an organisation. Therefore, the concept of innovation audit seeks to understand this system and map out the capabilities. 

While there are established audit models for innovation, we seek to use the yet-to-be-established methodologies through which we can outline the areas that require more innovations. This instrument also helps to unearth innovation in places where the organisation has not even recorded that innovation exists. This kind of innovation is referred to as being hidden not because they were deliberately made so but because the existing models of the organisation have been unable to detect it.

It is notable that there is a difference between business audit and innovation audit. Business audit is often about determining the level of efficiency in an organisation and how resources can be better managed. However, with innovation audits, the goal is to discover certain things that had not been discovered.

To ensure that we have an adequate innovation audit, we engage our staff and the staff of our partners to gain insight into their interactions and the way they carry out their activities. We make use of interviews in a semi-structured manner to have a deft understanding of the perspectives and points of view of the staff. 

Asides from engaging individuals to determine how they operate and their strategies, we also examine the staff across their works when put in a team. We investigate how they perform on projects they collaborate on. This is to examine their practices and record the observations.

With these interviews and research questions, we can get relevant and precise data that guides our submission and audit report. This way, we can deliver relevant reports that truly reflect the situation of the organisation.