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Our Team

Our Expert Team

We have a team of highly efficient individuals who have years of experience in being a creative and an artist. Our organisation’s strength lies in the team through which we can deliver all our services without compromising excellence. Our team comprises people of different and high academic standing. We have professors with years of expertise and experience in academia. 

Our team has a vast understanding of the best strategies to grow your career as an artist, and they are ready to share these strategies with young artists who are looking for the opportunity to grow their career. If you are looking to work with the best team to grow your career and develop your creative process, this is the right team here.

There is great regard for clarity in our team, which makes our tutors some of the best you would find. They understand the strategies to help you grow your career and have the ability to communicate to you all you need to know adequately. These are professors and senior lecturers who have worked with several students and helped them become better versions of themselves. 

This accounts for the solid confidence we have in our team because it is a team of carefully selected individuals who are leading individuals and researchers who have worked on several projects to contribute to the development of scholarship and the solutions in the society.

Stuart Cunningham

Stuard is a top-class professor at Queensland University with a great reputation for excellence and tutorship. He is one of the most excellent and prominent media scholars in Australia with an impressive portfolio that reflects that he has had great years of working experience working with the country’s best organisations. In the 1990s, he served as a commissioner with the Australian Film Commission. He has held top positions at councils including the Australian Research Council, Council For Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, among many others. He has a wide interest range that cuts across various topics.

Dr John Banks

Dr John is a senior lecturer with years of experience and expertise at the Queensland University of Technology where he teaches students and contributes greatly to the world of research. He is a leading researcher at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. He is a member of our team and has a high profile that’s intriguing.

Dr Karen Pearlman

Dr Karen is the author of the stellar book Cutting Rhythms. She is the Head of Screen Studies at AFTRS. She is also a choreographer and has directed many projects that have been screened and received several awards. So many of these projects have been screened at festivals. She is a great force in the film world and has been of relevance for long.

Jason Potts

Jason Potts is an associate professor and one of the leading innovation economists in Australia. He is a vast researcher and has published so many papers across the areas of behavioural economics, evolutionary economics, and economics of innovation.

Justin Brow

Justin has been a leading expert and researcher who has developed top-class programs for the Australian media industry.

Darry Woodford

Darry is an expert researcher currently pursuing his PhD at the creative department of QUT.