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To ensure that there is a track of the contribution of creative industries to the innovation ecosystem, it is essential that there is a body put to be in charge of that. This accounts for the notion behind the establishment of the ARC Centre of Excellence. The centre is charged with the responsibility of examining the level of innovation in the system and how much of it comes from the creative industries. 

This way, organisations can know the places that require much input and the best strategies to address them. The goal is to create a highly dynamic innovation ecosystem that makes for the creative industries’ inclusion. As such, for this to happen, there must be a way to investigate the level of contribution made by the industries.

The centre has been acknowledged as a leading research centre that makes for the inclusion of research cutting across various areas. It is a centre for cross-sectional and cross-disciplinary research. The centre has also been internationally recognised for its impressive work and contribution to the field of research and the development of the creative industries. 

By promoting research on a large scale, the centre has become a force to reckon with concerning the access to top-class research from leading experts. The services and activities of the centre are strengthened by the support from the Australian Research Council. This has widened the scope of the centre and improved the reach as well. This way, the centre has become a point of research and development.

The centre fosters research in law, business, innovation, economics, culture, communication, media, and several other areas that are significant to the development of Australia. By hosting and housing several research papers on issues affecting Australia, the centre becomes the research lead and has been accepted by many as such. There is the need for a platform where research materials can be accessed on the go and where researchers can get the needed motivation to research on key topics that can bridge knowledge gaps in Australia. 

The focus is to use research to address the needs of the region, Australia, and the entire world through the lenses of the creative economy. If you are looking for the boiling point of research for development and growth, the ARC Centre for Excellence is the right place.

The centre is also key to developing and creating new methodologies that can be used to carry out research. Methodologies might not get old, but there is a constant need to evolve how research is done. This is one of the things that the centre champions in the bid to build modern-day researchers who will use more advanced methodologies to get their research done. 

Working on new theoretical and empirical methodology is a quality part of a research centre. This forms an integral part of sustaining the research culture and building a culture of innovation in the research world. The centre also encourages academic debates and policy debates across the industry.